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鈥業. 鈥淏ad men, who cut off other people鈥檚 heads.鈥? "In the early years, this caused a number of embarrassments. I would make appointments for him andthen tell him about themwe kept two calendars, one on his desk and one on minebut he would justtotally forget. I've had people fly in here from Dallas all set to see him. I'd come in at 8a.m. to meet themand find out he had flown out of town at 5a.m. without telling anybody where he was going. I would justhave to look at this man from Dallas and say, 'He's gone.' So after a few times like that, I finally said, 'I'mnot going to make appointments for you anymore.' And he said, 'Well, that's probably best.' Then hewould make his own appointments and forget about them, and I was still the one who had to give themthe bad news. I couldn't organize him in a quarter of a century, and I don't think anyone else is ever goingto."Except for reading my numbers on Saturday morning and going to our regular meetings, I don't havemuch of a routine for anything else. I always carry my little tape recorder on trips, to record ideas thatcome up in my conversations with the associates. I usually have my yellow legal pad with me, with a listof ten or fifteen things we need to be working on as a company. My list drives the executives around herecrazy, but it's probably one of my more important contributions. � "We've never been very sympathetic to this whole small-town argument. What's happened to thesmall-town merchant isn't any different from what happened when supermarkets first appeared in thefifties. The whole point of retailing is to serve the customer. If you're a merchant with no competition, youcan charge high prices, open late, close early, and shut down on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. � As a first move, Charlotte and Fanny went together for about two months to Sutton. An idea had, however, arisen of a home, at least for a time, with their brother, Mr. St. George Tucker, and his wife; and the next step was to join them at Wickhill, Bracknell, in the month of September 1869. This was Fanny鈥檚 last move. She was taken thither, from Sutton, most carefully by Charlotte, in a post-chaise; and the long drive does not appear to have materially affected her. Although by this time wasted to skin and bone, Fanny still kept about in the house; spending much time in her own sitting-room, yet often coming down among the rest for a short time; and during this autumn Charlotte seems to have chiefly devoted herself to Fanny. Before the close of November, however, the end of the long illness was reached. caoprom超碰公开国产_久久a在线视频观看 香蕉_黃色带三级 免费_大片 鈥業 do not think that my Margaret at all enjoys being away from us in the schoolhouse, though she keeps bright and brave. 鈥淭he Mother is as home-sick as can be,鈥?was the description given by one of our ladies, this house being the 鈥渉ome鈥?meant. Of course, we go over and pet her, and get her here when we can. I hear that her room was leaking so last night; that must be looked to at once. But rooms had a fair excuse for leaking; we had such a storm!... 鈥楳y loved boy left us yesterday, quiet and firm, shedding no tear. We (Mamma) had a little note from him this morning,鈥攕uch a simple one,鈥攜ou might have fancied that he had only left us for a week. Dear boy! I trust that he is going into sunshine; above all I hope and pray that his Father鈥檚 God will ever be with him. It would not have been well for him to have remained much longer in London with nothing particular to do. Active life is most wholesome to a fine strong man like my Charley.... � � �