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And what was he here for, anyway: a race, or a race war? The fining down of detail that brought weight to such limits as would fit the engine for work with heavier-than-air craft appears to have waited for the392 brothers Wright. Toward the end of 1903 they fitted to their first practicable flying machine the engine which made the historic first aeroplane flight; this engine developed 30 horse-power, and weighed only about 7 lbs. per horse-power developed, its design and workmanship being far ahead of any previous design in this respect, with the exception of the remarkable engine, designed by Manly, installed in Langley鈥檚 ill-fated aeroplane鈥攐r 鈥榓erodrome,鈥?as he preferred to call it鈥攖ried in 1903. When they found the puddle again, Jenn was ready to drop to her knees and start slurping, butBilly held her back. He swirled aside the mold, covered the open mouth of his water bottle with hishand, then filled it from the bottom of the puddle, half hoping the water would be a little lessbacteria-ridden beneath the muck. He handed his bottle to Jenn, then filled hers the same way. � Nay, father, said Seth Maxfield, speaking now for the first time, in deprecation of so serious a charge against the "new-fangled days," on which Whitford had fallen. "Nay, no man will say that, nor yet think it. But my notion is, that it may neither be Heaven nor t'other place that has much to do with these kind of fits and screechings. I believe it to be just as Dr. Evans said鈥攁nd he a Welshman himself, you'll remember鈥攚hen he first heard of these doings of David Powell in Wales. Says he, 'It's a epidemic,' says the doctor. 'A catching kind of nervous disease, neither more nor less. And you may any of you get it if you go to hear and see the others. Though forewarned is forearmed in such cases,' says the doctor. 'And the better you understand the real natur' of the disorder, the safer you'll be from it.'" 63 The intention is to work and prove the Patent by collective instead of individual aid as less hazardous at first and more advantageous in the result for the Inventor, as well as others, by having the interest of several engaged in aiding one common object鈥攖he development of a Great Plan. The failure is not feared, yet as perfect success might, by possibility, not ensue, it is necessary to provide for that result, and the parties concerned make it a condition that no return of the subscribed money shall be required, if the Patents shall by any unforeseen circumstances not be capable of being worked at all; against which, the first application of the money subscribed, that of securing the Patents, affords a reasonable security, as no one without solid grounds would think of such an expenditure. av中文无吗日本亚洲欧洲 Billy shrugged. They鈥檇 been too rushed and groggy that morning to pay attention to where theywere going, not that it would have mattered: everything looked exactly the same. As they walked,Jenn flashed back to the way she鈥檇 scoffed at her mother the night before she and Billy had left forEl Paso. 鈥淛enn,鈥?her mother had implored. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 know these people. How do you knowthey鈥檒l take care of you if something goes wrong?鈥? � 鈥淣o!鈥?Fisher said. 鈥淵ou must not touch them in a controlling way, or you鈥檒l pay. In their culturethat鈥檚 considered criminal assault.鈥? � �