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Horatia. My Uncle in the Scilly Isles, whose mind.... Leave that to him. Afford it? Pshaw! 鈥榊es, my dear lady, I did. 鈥淗o! Every one that thirsteth!鈥?That was the drink I had for them. Dear lads! They were too tipsy to kneel, but there were tears in the eyes of one of them, before they had been with me five minutes.鈥? It is of His love I want you to think. Of His immeasurable love and pity. Of His Son's Divine compassion. If you have any special need of His pardon; if there is any sinful secret locked in your heart; do not let the golden hours go by鈥攖he time meet for repentance. 鈥楤ibelots,鈥?suggested Alice. Lord forgive me, sir! echoed old Max, turning slowly round upon the speaker, and glaring at him from under his grey eyebrows. Av天堂影院首页 鈥楢h, that would not be quite right, would it?{279}鈥?said Lord Inverbroom, still unperturbed, 鈥榠f Miss Propert has not cared to speak to you of him.鈥? One piece of advice given to him by his mother, when he was about to start for England, cannot but cause a smile. She was at pains to assure him that it would be unnecessary to take off his hat to every person whom he might meet in the streets of London. Henry St. George, speaking of this in later years, continues: 鈥楤ut habit is strong; and even now, when I repair to the stables for my horse, I interchange bows with the coachman and the ostlers and all the little idle urchins whom I encounter in the mews.鈥?One would have been sorry indeed to see so graceful a habit altered. It might far better be imitated. Exceeding courtesy was through life characteristic of the man, and it descended in a marked degree upon many of his descendants, notably so upon Charlotte Maria, the A. L. O. E. of literature. 鈥楢nd I鈥檓 told she has a nice little fortune of her own,鈥?continued Mrs Goodford. 鈥楾rust a Keeling for that. Ah, dear me, yes: there are some that go up in the world and some that go down, and I never heard that the Keelings were among those that go down.鈥? Repent! But, Rhoda, won't you call me by my name? Say Matthew, not Mr. Diamond. At this period I remember to have passed one set of holidays 鈥?the midsummer holidays 鈥?in my father鈥檚 chambers in Lincoln鈥檚 Inn. There was often a difficulty about the holidays 鈥?as to what should be done with me. On this occasion my amusement consisted in wandering about among those old deserted buildings, and in reading Shakespeare out of a bi-columned edition, which is still among my books. It was not that I had chosen Shakespeare, but that there was nothing else to read.